Classroom Technology

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Who would use this? Faculty (sometimes students for presentations)

What is it? Classroom technology to control what is shared to students on the screens or through the speakers (videos, audio, web sites, PowerPoints etc.)

When would one use this? When teaching in a face to face class (i.e. not online)

Where can I find this stuff? In any classroom, lab, or lecture hall

Why should I use it? Whoa that’s a big question! There are many reasons (pedagogically) why we would want to project stuff on to a screen or play some audio. You probably already have a great reason for using this technology.

Have a look at this video which IT created to cover the Audio Visual cabinets found in classrooms which control all the technology available to you.

Head on over to the AV Training page on the ITS website for more detailed manuals and a Room Lookup function.

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

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  1. This looks good!

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