Who would use this? Students and Faculty

What is it? A WordPress website of your own to publish stuff on the Web.

When would one use this? You can use this to share course work more openly than the D2L dropbox in instances when it is of benefit for students to see each other’s work. (hint hint… this is most of the time)

Where can I find this stuff? Right here.

Why should I use it? Publishing your work in an open forum gives students the opportunity to learn from each other more easily. It is also a place for students to house showcase work that could be used like a portfolio when it comes time to search for a career. (and faculty who want to walk the walk can use one, too!)

How do I use it? Here are the instructions

Can I see some examples? Yes! Here is one called Little Bits! And another called thoughts from a mixed up mind!

Photo by Leighann Blackwood on Unsplash

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